Customer Story

Vichy Catalan

"We know our employees like G Suite, because we’ve seen a sharp drop in the use of shadow IT. Infrastructure costs have fallen, too."

Benito Cerrillo, CIO, Vichy Catalan

Vichy Catalan has always used new technology like G Suite to rejuvenate its workforce and keep its brand vital. Following recent expansion, Vichy Catalan Corporation inherited five legacy ERP systems, seven email solutions, and significant shadow IT. Consolidating growth meant properly integrating communications across all of its factories, distributors and hotels. More than consolidating under a single email provider, it was a chance to reengineer the way they worked together.

Intelligence Partner advised Vichy Catalan on potential cloud email solutions, and G Suite stood out. More than just email, it offered collaborative possibilities through Drive, Hangouts and Sites that could make a major impact with minimal stress. Most employees were already familiar with Gmail from their private lives, but it was Intelligence Partner’s expertise as a Google Cloud Premier Partner that made the implementation truly swift and simple.

“We’ve seen how productivity increases when staff can work where they’re most comfortable,” says Benito Cerrillo, CIO, Vichy Catalan Corporation Switching to the cloud helped make work more human. Thanks to G Suite’s excellent security provisions, teams work from desktops, laptops, phones and tablets so staff are more mobile and can manage their own time. “We’ve seen how productivity increases when staff can work where they’re most comfortable,” says Benito Cerrillo, CIO at Vichy Catalan Corporation.

Mobility means more than home-working, however. “Our virtual meetings used to be frustrating and messy,” says Benito. “But Hangouts are so fluid that we’ve been able to reduce travel to business meetings.” As well as see each other from distance, colleagues can work alongside each other, too. The company’s highly mobile marketing experts collaborate on Docs everyday, so they’re always on the same page, wherever they are in the world. Infrastructure costs have fallen, too.

Since G Suite is based in the cloud, the team can spend less time fixing servers or on other maintenance, and because it’s automatically updated, no-one has to spend time installing new software, either. Removing that burden means the team can introduce new IT tools that add value to the company. Vichy Catalan might be 135 years old, but it’s always got something fresh to offer.